Daily life at Kasowitz is exhilarating and intellectually challenging.  We do not do boiler-plate litigation.  Our litigators work together to approach each case in an original and creative way, with a single-minded focus on achieving our clients’ goals.

We work hard.  We have fun.  We win for our clients.


The office culture fostered by our lawyers and business professionals is remarkable.  There’s very little standing on ceremony.  We work hard to ensure everyone is growing professionally and enjoying the experience of working at Kasowitz. 

We thrive in our exceptionally non-hierarchical environment.  We staff matters leanly, with virtually no competition among lawyers.  Everyone adds value and works to achieve success for our clients: we are in it together.


Everyone says it.  But we mean it.  You are a lawyer from day one.  Even our most junior associates have the opportunity to work on high-profile cases and go to court.  Our associates work directly with experienced partners, fostering close working relationships with colleagues and clients.  The level of responsibility that an associate shoulders is determined by the associate’s willingness to take on greater responsibility.  We want you to take on new challenges, and we encourage creative and independent thinking. 

Our entrepreneurial and nimble approach extends to our business professionals.  We have a talented team of business professionals who are integral to our firm and committed to excellence in client service. 

We all participate in succeeding for our clients by contributing creative ideas and solutions.


We believe that the health and well-being of our lawyers and business professionals are crucial to the success of our firm.  We are committed to an overarching wellness program that enables our employees to enjoy a productive work-life balance.  Among other initiatives, Kasowitz participates in the following initiatives, available to all of our employees in all offices.

  • Work/Life Assistance Program.  We offer our employees a confidential work/life assistance program through CCA.  CCA is a leading provider of Employee Assistance Programs, and is a resource to aid our employees in managing their lives more effectively and improving their overall well-being.  CCA provides assistance for employees and family members in the areas of emotional well-being, child and adult care, and daily living, including legal and financial assistance.  The program is free for our employees.  Learn more about CCA.
  • Educational Courses.  We hold educational courses for our employees on various aspects of health and well-being, on topics including ethics and mindfulness, and combating substance abuse and other addictive behaviors.
  • Retirement Savings Wellness Days.  Principal, along with Morgan Stanley, regularly conducts educational meetings at the firm, and also offers one-on-one counseling sessions, providing employees with financial planning guidance.  Learn more about Principal.
  • Health Resources.  In collaboration with United Healthcare, our medical insurance provider, we provide our employees with direct access to health resources and programs, including:
    • UnitedHealthcare’s Rally program, which offers employees the opportunity to work with a coach to design a health plan to lose weight, stop smoking and/or reduce stress.  Through this program, employees are able to earn rewards as they achieve healthy goals in eating and feeling better.  Learn more about the Rally program.
    • Complimentary access to Care24 to consult with to a nurse or a counselor at any time about medical or mental health concerns.


This is who we are.

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