COVID-19 and Force Majeure: Potential Impact on Transactions and Projects in Real Estate and Hospitality

COVID-19 and Force Majeure: Potential Impact on Transactions and Projects in Real Estate and Hospitality

As the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak continues to have an impact on society, it is inevitable that it will impact construction projects and real estate transactions across the country.  While monetary considerations are secondary to human health, they are crucial to the success of a business and should not be ignored.

When businesses are unable to perform their contractual obligations as a result of COVID-19, force majeure clauses may become important.  Force majeure clauses may excuse or defer performance in the event of circumstances beyond the parties’ control.  However, the scope of a force majeure clause depends on its terms, and anticipating and understanding the scope of these provisions are crucial — whether you are considering filing suit or defending against claims.

Kasowitz is advising clients on numerous legal issues relating to COVID-19 and its effects, such as the invocation and enforceability of force majeure clauses in contracts, as well as negotiating commercial agreements in light of COVID-19, among other issues.  This is exactly what occurred during the Great Recession, when Kasowitz successfully negotiated and litigated for and against the applicability of force majeure clauses under the laws of numerous jurisdictions, and the enforceability of term sheets and similar agreements, in a variety of contexts, including in real estate and hospitality disputes.

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