Summer Associates

We provide our summer associates, who are typically law students who have completed their second year of law school, with quality work assignments and professional experiences reflecting the breadth and complexity of our firm. Summer associates learn first-hand about trying cases and drafting legal documents, motions and agreements, and are exposed to courtroom appearances, depositions and client meetings.  We provide our summer associates with an experience as close as possible to that of a first-year associate, as well as the opportunity to gain insight into the work and culture of the firm. 

Formal Training

Summer associates participate in formal training programs, a partner lunch series and an associate mentor program.  Summer associates also attend weekly work assignment meetings, receive ongoing feedback and are provided formal reviews from the lawyers with whom they work.

Pro Bono

Summer associates have the opportunity to work on firm pro bono matters and participate in offsite programs offered by legal services organizations, such as Sanctuary for Families.  Summer associates who work on pro bono matters are supervised by an experienced attorney and receive invaluable hands-on training.

Social and Cultural Activities

Throughout the summer, Kasowitz sponsors a variety of social and cultural events, providing summer associates the opportunity to get to know each other and our lawyers in an informal environment.  The firm also coordinates charitable events during Give Back week through Citymeals-on-Wheels “Eat Cheap for Charity”, Sanctuary for Families and St. Luke's Soup Kitchen.

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