Jeffrey Ephraim Glatt

Jeffrey Ephraim Glatt's practice focuses on complex commercial litigation.  Ephraim has represented clients in a broad range of matters in both state and federal court, including insurance, real estate, contract, employment, financial, and procedural law.

Ephraim has also published and lectured extensively on the interplay between American and Jewish law with articles including "Give Me Back My Bicycle: The Use of Force to Recapture Chattel According to American Law and Jewish Law," in the Gonzaga Journal of International Law; "The Unanimous Verdict According to the Talmud: Ancient Law Providing Insight Into Modern Legal Theory," in the Pace International Law Review; and "Defining 'Sport' Under Title IX: Cheerleading, Biediger v. Quinnipiac University, and the Proper Scope of Agency Deference," in the Sports Lawyers Journal.